ComplianceIndustry Education

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This is a primer on everything a dealer needs to know to comply with the law. One workbook with supporting documentation is supplied to each paid attendee.

Topics covered will include:

  • Law Structure
  • Government Agency Overview
  • Federal Compliance
    • IRS
    • OFAC
    • FTC
    • Red Flags
    • 1099
  • Forms
  • State Compliance
    • ADOR
    • Weights & Measures
    • Dealer Rules and Applicable State Statutes
    • Office of Attorney General
    • Office of Inspector General
  • Local Compliance
    • City
    • County

Legal council will attend to address any legal questions that may come up in the black and white and in the grey areas (of which there are many).

Class is available to members and non-members

  • Member registration is $250
  • Non-Member registgration is $500



I found the AIDA compliance class to be brief, entertaining and informative. I have been a licensed car dealer for over ten years, yet I still found it very beneficial to get a refresher course on things that I had either forgotten or did not know. I would highly recommend the AIDIA compliance class to all auto dealers and management staff.

Michael Knaack
Apex Industries


The information I received in the compliance class sponsored by A.I.A.D.A. was extremely helpful. My opinion after taking the class was that being compliant in our business is my #1 priority especially after what I had learned.

Audience participation was great in that, the random questions apply to just about everybody. Questions you may not have thought to ask are answered and in great depth. Those in depth answers are an important part of keeping your doors open.

The instructor was very knowledgeable in many areas and having an attorney there to answer legal questions was a huge plus.

I have repeatedly gone through my book since the class and am still learning. Not only would I recommend this class to new employees but even those who have been in the industry for a long time. In fact, I would recommend a refresher class now and then.

Sue Schell
Office Manager
Westoz Phoenix, Inc.