Why Join AIADAMembership Has Many Rewards


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Benefits of Membership

Your investment in the AIADA pays dividends to your business and the independent automobile dealer industry. The AIADA is the only business association in Arizona that has as its sole purpose to advocate for the independent automobile dealer industry. We actively find ways to help businesses in our industry do better business.

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  • Maintaining regular contact with ADOT & DFI helping to ensure rules and regulations avoid hurting the good guys
  • Lobbying for legislation that balances the needs of our industry with the needs of the consumer
  • Echoing the voice of the many!



  • Dealer queries
  • Legal advice from attorney on record
  • Negotiating agreements with vendors to reduce the cost of their product or service to our members
  • Ongoing communication about changes in industry
  • Business referrals based on actual need



  • Save on forms and compliance training
  • Get discounts on many types of insurance
  • Administrative service and fees discounts
  • Fee discounts on auto buying and selling
  • Save on advertising and dealership renovations

Available Benefits

  • All Members
  • Dealers
  • Associates

Staples Advantage

Members only benefit from Staples Advantage.

The Arizona Independent Automobile Dealers Association has chosen Staples Advantage as a preferred supplier. And as a member, you’ll have access to thousands of products with exclusive customized pricing. Top features of the AIADA program:

  • Pre-negotiated pricing based on collective AIADA purchasing Additional 5% off at point of sale
  • Customized shopping lists and order tracking on Order.StaplesAdvantage.com
  • Next-business-day delivery
  • Dedicated account management
  • Wide assortment of products including, coffee & breakroom, cleaning solutions & equipment, promotional, printing and furniture solutions.
  • Register today!

Don't miss out on the savings you deserve, take advantage of your group benefits today.

For additional program information, please contact Shanna Capono, Staples B2B Consultant at (623)432-3200 x 6237 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UPS Discounts

Now save up to 30% on UPS shipping thanks to the Arizona Independent Automobile Dealers Association!

Take advantage of special savings on UPS shipping offered to you as a member of AIADA. You can now save up to 30% on an expanded portfolio of air and international Express shipping services. That’s a significant savings over FedEx published rates!*

All this with the peace of mind that comes from using the carrier that delivers outstanding reliability, greater speed, more service, and innovative technology. UPS guarantees delivery of more packages around the world than anyone, and delivers more packages overnight on time in the US than any other carrier, including FedEx. Simple shipping! Special savings! It's that easy!

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*See Rates and Services Chart for detail of Savings and Discounts, which depend on total weekly gross shipping charges incurred.

Member Discounts

All membership receive discounts including:

  • Up to 14% discount on insurance
  • Up to 3% discount on health insurance
  • UPS Shipping
  • StaplesAdvantage (meet or beat almost any price plus an additional 5% off)

Payroll Services

  • From state-of-the-art online technology, to attentive payroll experts, we own your worries from start to finish.
  • AIADA Payroll Services Powered by Surepayroll offers the best full-service payroll solution for your business.
  • When you use AIADA Payroll Services Powered by Surepayroll, your payroll will be processed and your taxes are deducted, filed and paid in just minutes.
  • Enter payroll in three simple steps — anytime, anywhere.
  • Count on us to:
    • Calculate wages and deductions
    • Deduct, file and pay all federal, state and local taxes
    • Track employee benefits
    • Pay your employees by direct deposit, at any bank they choose, or by manual check
    • Provide comprehensive online reports that you can access any time
    • Eliminate IRS penalties and handle IRS notices for you
Auction Buy Fees

Buy Fees

Auction buy fee coupons are for AIADA members only.

We are blessed to have the support of our major auctions in the state. Their support allows us to provide tangible dollar benefits to our dealers that buy cars at auction. The majority of our members spend a significant amount of time at the auctions and the auctions allow us to use their facilities to connect with our dealers. This is an invaluable benefit for which we are very grateful.

  • 2 buy fees at Adesa Phoenix (total not to exceed $450) or a monthly $100 rebate (must be used for transaction in applicable month)
  • 2 buy fees at Metro Auto Auction (total not to exceed $350)
  • Two month registration at Insurance Auto Auction plus one buy fee ($135 value)
  • Two buy or sell fees at Manheim Phoenix (total not to exceed $500)
  • 1 ABS Finance Flooring Fee (must be pre-approved for flooring credit line)
  • 1 buy fee at ABS Auto Auctions (total not to exceed $425)
  • 1 buy fee at Dealers Auto Auction Southwest (up to $150)
  • 2 buy fees at Manheim Tucson (total not to exceed $400)
  • 1 year registration for new members at Copart Tucson ($200 value) and 1 buy fee (up to $550)

Help Desk

Get the help you need at the AIADA help desk.

One of the challenges with being a dealer is knowing how compliance issues affect you and ensuring you do the right thing in each situation. Anyone that has been a dealer for any length of time knows that much of what needs to be done is in a grey area. Your membership with the association will help you:

  • avoid breaking the law
  • comply with statute, rules and policies of state agencies
  • understand your risks in certain situation
  • get advice that can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the AIADA offices. If we don't know the answer to your questions we can help you find someone that does. Your membership ensures that you have the AIADA in your corner!


Legal Assistance

Available only for AIADA members, we have an attorney, Ron Newman, that works for the Association that will provide your dealership support over the phone. Most questions will be answered at no charge. Should you need to retain the attorney, his firm's rates would apply.

Dealer Discounts

Member dealers receive discounts including:

  • 15% discount on forms
  • 50% discount on compliance training
  • Up to 14% discount on insurance
  • Up to 3% discount on health insurance
  • UPS Shipping
  • StaplesAdvantage (meet or beat almost any price plus an additional 5% off)
  • $1,000 advertising with Republic Media (new members/business only)
  • $1,250 advertising with Autotrader (new members/business only)
  • 3 Administrative fees with AFC Flooring ($225 value)

Member Access

Our associate members receive access to dealer members through the AiADA business directory and through referrals by AIADA staff and volunteers. If you are not a member, you do not get referred. In addition, only AIADA members have the opportunity to sponsor the activities of the Association getting additional access to dealer members. Our cash sponsors will receive a contact list upon request.

Enhanced Listing

Members can purchase the enhanced listing option for the business directory. Enhanced listing provides you a priority listing in the business directory. You can also provide additional information about your business including highlights, media (pictures and video), additional representative info and social media links.


AIADA members have the option to sponsor AIADA events. To maximize sponsorship value we have packaged sponsorships and added extra options for the largest sponsors. Contact us if you are interested in any packaged or ala carte sponsorships.